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Episode #03 – In this episode of Crazy Talk with Sean McCully the Crazy Hunter Sean welcomes one of the original pioneer of women’s MMA Erin Toughill.   Sean McCully  discover’d Erin one night in a dive bar in Costa Mesa, CA. On this episode they go down memory lane to that night when they first met. The first time she hit the mitts with Sean.  When Sean took her to Aruba so she could fight in her first professional fight and how Sean also ended up fighting in the event against Heath Herring. They travelled the world together to fight in all kinds of events. Listen to find out what is #SmackGirl, Erin’s fight again Marloes Coenen, and what her walk out fight song was.  You do not want to miss it!



Erin Young Toughill is a retired mixed martial artist and former boxer and American Gladiator. She has a total of 26 pro fights and most importantly to note is that she is one of the Original Pioneers of Women’s MMA. Before Cris Cyborg, Gina Carano, Ronda Rousey, Holly Holmes, there was Erin Toughill. She had her first pro MMA fight in 1999. She fought in the very first WBC & IBA Women World Title Belt against Laila Ali.  Erin is also the first, and only woman, to be ranked in the top 5 in BOTH professional boxing and professional MMA at the same time.


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Host, Sean McCully

Sean McCully known in the MMA world as the “Crazy Hunter” hosts CRAZY TALK where nothing is off-limits.  Sean McCully is uncensored and does not care if he is politically incorrect.   EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is on the table when Sean McCully gets on the microphone. Sean McCully founded the biggest MMA gym franchise in the world LA Boxing now known as UFC Gym. He’s promoted over 100 live fighting events. Fought professionally as a kickboxer and MMA fighter with over 50 fights between the sports.  He’s 100% authentic and 100% bada$$ and you’ll agree as soon as you hear his shows.

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