Jason Neu on Crazy Talk hosted by Sean McCully

Episode #02 – On this episode of Crazy Talk with Sean McCully the Crazy Hunter Sean is serving up beers and shots with his special guest the CEO of Versatraction Inc & Carve USA Inc., Jason Neu. They share an interesting story on how they met and of coarse it had to do with Sean wanting to fight him and claiming his territory.  They talk about tattoo’s before tattoo’s became trendy.  Also, kids of today and the p*@@afication of America.  You do not want to miss it!






Host, Sean McCully

Sean McCully known in the MMA world as the “Crazy Hunter” hosts CRAZY TALK where nothing is off-limits.  Sean McCully is uncensored and does not care if he is politically incorrect.   EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is on the table when Sean McCully gets on the microphone. Sean McCully founded the biggest MMA gym franchise in the world LA Boxing now known as UFC Gym. He’s promoted over 100 live fighting events. Fought professionally as a kickboxer and MMA fighter with over 50 fights between the sports.  He’s 100% authentic and 100% bada$$ and you’ll agree as soon as you hear his shows.

To learn more about Sean McCully, check out his youtube channel in =>  “1000 Ways To Win A Street Fight” and “Ask A Pro”.

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